Ustad Maa Zila Khan’s musical heritage spans seven generations of legendary classical musicians and five generations of recorded music. She has successfully established herself in a mould that is inspired by, but is independent from that of her celebrated father, the renowned Sitar maestro Ustad Vilayat Khan. She is also the first female singer from this Gharana, and has many albums, videos and records to her credit. The cognoscenti of the world, Sufis and members of all faiths flock to her concerts. Her performance at Broadway Symphony Space, New York

or the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games speaks of her popularity and her class-to-mass appeal. Video link of Ustad Vilayat Khan’s public ceremony in which he is making Zila his ‘gandabandh shahgird’ (a formal student) enabling her to carry his name forward as one of his successors:

She has been awarded the “Roll of Honour” by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Chief Justice of India.

“You connected all of us to Almighty through the medium of your music; your singing has and can play a definitive and key role in spreading peace and harmony around the world” is what Former President APJ Kalam wrote to Zila, when she sang at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. She has also sung for President Pratibha Patil at the Rashtrapati Bhawan and is respected in the literary, ministerial, corridors as well as amongst the music fraternity and fans. Incredible India’s advertisement with UstadMaa Zila beautifully showcases Indian

Culture in its splendor:

It is acknowledged and accepted that Bollywood’s celebrity culture attracts wider audiences to concerts and shows. However, it is content, substance and musical complexity that elevates any show and has audiences coming back for more—the reason why more and more event organizers insist on Zila Khan’s concerts to ensure longer lasting sustainability in the world of entertainment.

One of UstadMaa Zila Khan’s greatest asset and strength is her ability to apply her musical skills and knowledge in multiple languages. This allows wider audiences and larger market segments with varied backgrounds to connect with her music. She is known for her perfect command over various styles of performance – be it dramatic Folk Songs, classical ragas, softly nostalgic ghazals, Arabic and Persian songs, Bhakti Soul Sangeet and of course authentic Sufi Music for which artists such as Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali are famous for.

UstadMaa Zila has one of the most powerful voices in the Music World today, which adds to her repertoire as a Sufi Singer. She has just recorded for Coke Studio.

When she is asked to sing for Jazz Festivals, her music becomes a soaring melody which is an exquisite amalgam of the East and the West.

She has also sung a Western Concerto in Arabic, adding a new dimension to Jazz while expanding her musical ability to greater creative heights in showbiz. Hers is a harmonious blend of fusion music with a singular and enjoyable flavor imbued with literary resonance. Her music is a unique style of melody enriched with literature, seeped in heritage while being dramatically spunky and contemporary, showcasing her ‘Sufiyana style’ in the world of international music or Worldmusic as it is called today. UstadMaa has conscientiously helped spread awareness of social responsibilities, her Album – Zila The Girl Child, had the first woman Sufi’s sufi’ism recorded for the first time in the history of music.

HMV Saregama’ printed the following on their album:
“Hazrat Rabia Al Basri was the first sufi- woman, born between 717-801 C.E. HER THOUGHTS

Link to the album ‘Zila The Girl Child’:

“Zila’s unstoppable and insatiable desire for ‘literary search’ constantly leads her to the root of Sufi’ism and brings it forth to the World of Music” was what the critics had to say about it. Her thirst for live singing accompanied by storytelling was revealed to the world when she played the *lead role in an English Musical that sent ripples through the world of theatre and Broadway. “Intense, yet simple, empowered, yet down-to-earth, vivacious, yet dignified- that’s Zila Khan for you-uncut! But that’s to be expected from someone who comes from a lineage that has names like Vilayat Khan and Inayat Khan to boast of.” - Parbina Rashid for Tribune.  

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